SELMER #285 D-Hole “Tchavolo Schmitt “ Collector Edition......€8000

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Only 12 Units Available

To celebrate 17 years of  friendship, Tchavolo Schmitt and Jean Barault have put together their #285-DH-COLLECTOR project.

The original #285-DH is a D-hole Selmer replica ordered by Tchavolo according to his specs in 2017, that has become his go-to instrument.

An exclusive and limited run of 12 numbered #285-DH guitars will be produced and will come in a very special package including :

The original Yves Guen Stimer pickup as used by Tchavolo, in a limited/numbered run for the occasion, one Selmer logo / Niglo logo guitar pick, and an exclusive tee shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Each instrument will be thoroughly tested and approved by Tchavolo Schmitt, and will come with a full certificate Signed by both Tchavolo and Jean Barault.

Guitar woods

Soundboard: Spruce

Back and Sides: Laminated Indian Rosewood

Neck: Walnut

Fingerboard: Ebony